Google Maps Gets Curated Recommendations and Customised Lists

Three new enhancements are coming to Google Maps with the intention of helping people while they travel. Google has introduced curated lists of suggestions from popular websites and the Google Maps community on Maps to offer consumers personalised choices. With the release of the second version of Google Maps, users can now create wishlists and keep track of the locations they have visited. Additionally, Google is bringing AI to maps to offer summarised key insights for searched places. The company is also bringing a design update to Google Maps.

Google, a company owned by Alphabet, announced on Thursday, March 28, via a blog post, the addition of new capabilities to Google Maps. Users will find it easier to find well-crafted suggested lists from popular websites and the Google Maps community with the first Maps update. Users of Maps can swipe up to view carefully selected lists of suggestions from individuals who have firsthand knowledge of the city when they search for it. 

Three different kinds of curated lists are being prepared by Google Maps. “Places that have recently seen a spike in popularity on Maps” will be included in the “trending” list. Locations that are consistently well-liked by the Maps community are identified on the ‘top’ list. Lastly, the ‘gems’ list will help uncover outstanding eateries that are still hidden from view.

Google is also simplifying the process of creating lists on Google Maps. With this version, users can click the New List button from the Saved tab to create lists. This will make it easier for them to plan their trips and keep track of the locations they have already visited. These listings can be used to plan recommendations similar to an itinerary while traveling. Users’ social media accounts will allow them to link to the content list. Later this month, these improvements will be available globally for iOS and Android.
In conclusion, Google will now employ AI to pinpoint “important insights from the Maps community.” When a user searches for a place on Maps, this AI-backed feature will analyse the location’s reviews and photographs to summarise what users enjoy about the area.

Furthermore, Google has stated that the Maps app will soon receive a fresh design upgrade. It is known that there will be new pin colours and fewer tabs on the updated home screen. Users can also take advantage of recommendations from websites like OpenTable and Lonely Planet. This week, 40 US and Canadian cities will have access to this tool. You can share the list with contacts or store it on the Maps app.

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