Is M16A4 used by marine experts?

The fourth generation of the M16 series is called the M16A4. Before the M4 carbine took its place in 2015, the M16A4 was the U.S. Marine Corps' standard infantry rifle. Marines in support and non-infantry roles now use it.
The several versions of the M16 were substantially lighter than the M14 or the AK-47 due to the use of aluminium and composite materials instead of wood. Less than 3.3 kg (just over 7 pounds) is the unloaded weight of the M16A4, which has been the U.S. Marine Corps' basic infantry weapon since 2003. This gas-operated, air-cooled shoulder gun can fire three rounds in a row automatically or semi-automatically. The front rail system of the M16A4 includes a backup iron sight.
The 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, which offers good accuracy and range, is chambered for the M16A4. Because of its direct gas impingement mechanism, it operates smoothly while providing more control and less recoil. This, along with its adjustable sights and ergonomic handle, makes the M16A4 extremely accurate, allowing soldiers to attack targets at both short and medium ranges with effectiveness.
The M16A4 is an assault rifle with gas operation and air cooling that is designed to be the main weapon of an infantryman and be used up to 800 metres away from their targets. The lightweight design of the M16A4 is one of its main advantages. Because it weighs a little less than eight pounds and is primarily made of aluminium alloy, soldiers can carry and move this weapon with ease in the field. Additionally, the M16A4 has a collapsible buttstock that makes it simple to customise for comfort and various shooting positions.
The M4 Carbine, as well as the M16A3 and M16A4 versions, are based on the M16A2. The A2 with the A1 trigger group that replaces the three-round burst with fully automatic fire is the M16A3. Navy security and special forces, such as SEALS, were the main users of it. 
Along with the M4, the M16A4 is the current iteration of the M16 and is issued as standard equipment to many personnel of the US military. With lighter components and an enhanced rail system that enables a more modular armament system, it is almost exactly the same as the M16A2
This enhanced flat-top receiver allows the rifle to be equipped with a variety of cutting-edge optic systems, including red dot sights and ACOG. Shorter-barreled M16A2s are utilised in M4 carbines, which are designed for use in confined locations.
  • The primary benefit of the M16A4 is its longer barrel, which gives it a little greater range than its carbine counterpart. 
  • Its longer barrel also makes it more difficult to handle in confined spaces.
The price of m16a4 is Rs. 2.23 lakh. It is primarily utilised by the US Army, where it will eventually replace the M16 rifle, and by Marine Corps officers and Navy Corpsmen E5 and lower as an alternative to the M9.

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