Nexon Secures 5-Star Safety Rating in Global NCAP Tests

Once again, the Tata Nexon has emerged victorious, clinching a prestigious 5-star rating from Global NCAP, this time navigating through even more rigorous safety standards introduced in 2022. This accomplishment serves as a testament to its previous 5-star rating earned in 2018, solidifying its position as a safety stalwart.

Influence of the Facelift

The latest Nexon facelift, hitting the markets in September 2023, underwent thorough testing alongside its counterparts, the Harrier and Safari facelifts, reinforcing Tata Motors' commitment to safety enhancement across its lineup.

Future Safety Endeavors
Mohan Savarkar, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles' chief product officer, hints at potential participation in BNCAP tests, underscoring the brand's dedication to advancing safety standards. The precedent set by the 5-star ratings of the Harrier and Safari in Bharat NCAP tests further motivates Tata Motors to pursue comprehensive safety assessments.

Validity and Coverage
For Nexon models produced after August 8, 2023, the 5-star GNCAP rating extends exclusively to ICE versions, with considerations underway for potential crash testing of the Nexon EV, aligning with Tata Motors' vision for comprehensive safety across its fleet.

Impressive Safety Metrics
The Nexon's stellar performance in GNCAP evaluations underscores its unwavering commitment to ensuring robust protection for both adult and child occupants. Although its scores slightly lag behind those of the Harrier and Safari, the Nexon continues to raise the bar for safety benchmarks in the Indian automotive landscape.

Notable Achievements
Global NCAP lauds the Nexon's outstanding scores, positioning it among the top performers in the 'Safer Cars For India' initiative. The significant enhancements in child occupant protection underscore Tata Motors' relentless pursuit of excellence in safety engineering.

Comparison with Harrier and Safari
While the Nexon's ratings are commendable, they marginally trail behind those of its siblings, the Harrier and Safari facelifts. Both models secured 5-star ratings in AOP and COP in GNCAP tests, reaffirming Tata Motors' unwavering commitment to safety across its product portfolio.

Enhanced Safety Features
The Nexon's comprehensive safety suite, comprising six airbags, ESC, seatbelt reminders, ISOFIX anchors, and a passenger airbag disabling switch, underscores Tata Motors' unwavering commitment to ensuring occupant safety. Moreover, its compliance with stringent pedestrian protection standards as per UN127 and GTR9 further solidifies its reputation as a safety leader in the industry.

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