Is Keeway V302C now more Advanced?

The Keeway V302C is an aggressive bike with a V-twin engine that is now more advanced.

Keeway designed the V302C with a powerful look. It has a strong frame, a mid-rise handlebar, and a tall, massive fuel tank that give it an aggressive yet attractive appearance. In addition to all-LED illumination, it also includes a stylish circular headlight. It has a 15-liter fuel tank

Engine and Gearbox
A 298cc V-Twin liquid-cooled engine producing 26.5Nm at 6500 rpm and 29.9PS at 8500 rpm powers the Keeway V302C. This V-Twin engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

As long as you maintain the tachometer above 2,000 rpm, this motor has a decent distribution of power across the rev range and doesn't bang. But around 6,000 rpm, it starts to pull away smoothly and performs noticeably better. It also keeps up powerful acceleration at higher engine revs. It can cruise at 40 kmph without making any engine noise while it is in sixth gear. 

The Keeway V302C boasts an array of amenities, including a circular digital instrument cluster with a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and gear position indicator. It also has full LED illumination.

There are now three hues available for the V302C: grey, black, and red.

  • Mid-range performance is good with a 300-cc engine.
  • possesses excellent road presence.
  • Height of the accessible seat
  • Low value and recall of the brand
  • Costly and limited in terms of sales and service

The projected cost of the Keeway V302C Glossy Grey version is Rs. 4,28,772. The other two variations, V302C Glossy Black and V302C Glossy Red, costs same. The prices listed for the V302C are average ex-showroom.

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