Is Honda Dio A Perfect Blend of Style and Performance?

The Honda Dio is renowned for both its fashionable appearance and its fuel-efficient operation. Honda unveiled the 2023 Repsol Editions of the Hornet 2.0 and Dio 125 in honour of the forthcoming Bharat Grand Prix, despite the model not receiving any major updates recently

The Honda Dio has updated its tail and headlamp lamps position. The new headlamp is incredibly fashionable and has an LED that provides bright illumination for improved night vision. The scooter also has quirky graphics applied to the front and sides. 

It also has components that resemble carbon fibre, which gives it a stylish appearance. The Dio gets a sleek and stylish split grab rail on the back. In addition, the scooter features a chic muffler guard to shield the feet from the heat. Not to mention, Dio's seat is luxurious-feeling and comfortable.

Engine and Gearbox
The Honda Dio's 109.51cc, 4-stroke, fan-cooled SI engine meets BS6 regulations and is mated to an automatic clutch-type gearbox. The motor generates 9 Nm of torque and 7.65 horsepower. The motor performs passably for city driving and has good starting acceleration.
The engine can reach a maximum speed of roughly 83 kmph, but it takes a while to reach that from 70 kmph. Additionally dio lack high-speed stability. The idle tone of the BS6 motor is no longer audible due to advancements in technology. The scooter seems a little rough, even though when riding at moderate speeds the handleboard, floorboard, and footpeg barely vibrate. On the other hand, the ride quality greatly increases with speed.

Honda Dio features a new DC LED headlight, external fuel filler cap, dual function switch that opens both the seat and fuel lid, side stand engine inhibitor, ACG quiet starting, and front pocket. It is noteworthy that the instrument cluster remains fully digital and includes extra information such as average fuel efficiency, real-time fuel efficiency, and fuel range.

The Dio is equipped with 130 mm drum brakes on both its front and rear wheels. The braking system and the Combi-brake System (CBS) combine to stop the scooter by automatically applying the front brake while you use the rear drum brake. This ensures efficient braking and facilitates an abrupt stop for the cyclist.

Honda Dio comes in 9 different colours: Vibrant Orange, Strontium Silver Metallic, Mat Sangria Red Metallic, Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, Dazzie Yellow Metallic, and Sports Red.

  • Possesses an established service network. 
  • It is easy to maintain. 
  • It has respectable mileage.
  • You do not get alloy wheels.
  • It's possible to install better brakes. 
  • Front suspension is outdated. 

The Honda Dio is priced between Rs. 69.13 lakh and Rs. 77.71 lakh in India. The Honda Dio models range in price from Rs. 70.21 lakh (STD) to Rs. 77.71 lakh (H-Smart).

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