How to Get a Gun License in India for Beginners?

Requirements for having a Gun License in India.

The Arms Act of 1959 permits Indian citizens to purchase Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) firearms. Anyone with Indian nationality who meets the following requirements can be granted a licence under the NPB:
  • Self Defence - People who might be more likely to be attacked because they are wealthy, feel threatened, etc.
  • Protection of Crops - People who own farms or other similar properties that require protection from non-scheduled pests and rodents, such as boars, etc.
  • Shooting Athletic - Individuals devoted to sports shooting discipline who require firearms for sport competitions.
  • General Security - It involves offering security to institutions, banks, and other establishments. This can also include the politicians and VVIPs protection detail and the gunmen.
  • Returning NRI - Anyone who is Indian and has lived abroad for more than two years, and owns a gun may apply for an Indian licence and bring the gun back with them.
  • Status of Foreign Nationals - When visiting Delhi, foreign nationals are permitted to possess and carry firearms for a maximum of six months, provided they have good cause.

Eligibility Criteria for getting a Gun Licence in India.
The requirements listed below must be met in order to be eligible for a gun licence in Delhi:
  • The applicant shouldn't be in any criminal activity on records. Police will search for a lot of information about the applicant, including asking neighbours and those in the applicant's closest surroundings if they have witnessed any malicious behaviour or if the applicant has ever gotten into fights out of rage or outburst.
  • The applicant will be interviewed to determine whether he is mentally or physically ill or not. 

Documents Required for getting a gun license in India.
The following paperwork is needed in Delhi in order to obtain a gun licence:
  1. Two passport-sized copies of the applicant's most recent photo (with a white background): to be submitted at the appointed time.
  2. Evidence of the date of birth
  3. The applicant must provide a written declaration in the form of an affidavit and provide an alternative form of identification, such as a passport, voter identification card, PAN card, or identity card issued to them as an employee, if they do not have an Aadhar card.
  4. Residence Proof: If the applicant does not have a passport or an Aadhar card, they may provide proof of residency in the form of a voter ID card, an electricity bill, a landline phone bill, a rent or lease deed, property documents, or any other documents that the licencing authority deems necessary.
  5. Certificate of firearm training in Form S-1 (if applicable, as issued by the Central Government through a general or special order).
  6. Utilising and storing firearms safely is an undertaking in Form S-2.
  7. Copies of the applicants' self-attested copies of their professional and educational credentials, as required by clause (a) of subrule (3) of rule 12 of the Arms Regulations, 2016.
  8. Medical certificates in Form S-3, on prescribed proforma, attesting to physical and mental health fitness, issued by a registered MBBS doctor.
  9. Self-attested copy of birth certificate, school leaver certificate, passport, etc.
  10. A permit from the authority designated by the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972) is required in cases of protection for the destruction of wild animals that harm people, cattle, or crops.
  11. It is required to have a posting-cum-residence certificate or recommendation from the commanding or supervisory gazetted officer (only for paramilitary and armed forces personnel). Officers on the force may also turn in this documentation.
  12. Evidence of finances, such as a salary slip or income tax return (ITR).
  13. If necessary, include a copy of the FIR or complaints to justify the threat.

How do I apply online for a gun licence in India?
According to the category of licence applied for (Form II, III, or IV), the applicant must specify in detail the purpose or purposes for which the licence is needed.

Guidelines for submitting an application for a firearm licence:
  • Before submitting an online application, save scanned copies of all required paperwork in JPG and PDF formats (each no larger than 1 MB) as well as your passport photo.
  • Once the application has been successfully registered online, upload a photo and print the completed form. For processing, the completed application form and the necessary paperwork must be sent to the relevant issuing authority.
  • Kindly make a note of your online registration number for future reference and documentation.
  • Any application that submits false information or conceals any material facts will be cancelled.

To apply for a gun licence in Delhi, follow the instructions below.
  1. Visit the website Arms Licence Online.
  2. Select "Apply Online."
  3. Select "Apply Here."
  4. Choose a Department: State Home, DM, SDM, Other, or MHA.
  5. Complete the application's category (manufacturer, individual, institution, sports, dealer).
  6. Choose District and State.
  7. You will be redirected to the Delhi Police Licencing website based on your request.
  8. Get your login ID and password by registering on the website.
  9. After logging in, choose the services you wish to use.
  10. Complete the online application and include the necessary files.

The following actions will be taken after the application is submitted:
  • The police will conduct the required due diligence to look into the applicant's past.
  • When it's cleared, police will forward the reports to the National Crime Record Bureau and the Crime Branch.
  • The report will be forwarded to the relevant police commissioner. The licence will be awarded if the report is approved and the applicant is given due consideration.
  • In order to purchase a gun, the applicant must get in touch with the dealer after receiving their gun licence. The buyer will need to schedule a pre-order in order to obtain the firearm from any authorised retailer of their choosing.
Documents required for getting the gun from licensed shop.
To purchase a gun from a licenced retailer, you must present the following paperwork:
  1. Issued licence that includes a date, time, and location of validity; it can be in Hindi or English.
  2. A copy of the gun licence in photos.
  3. The NOC was duplicated and given to the police authorities as well as the factory owner. No Objection Certificates, or NOCs, are required to be presented if a gun licence is valid throughout India.
  4. A transport licence for the area where the factory is located is also required.
  5. Two copies of the NOC were provided: one to the police authorities and one to the factory owner. NOC stands for No Objection Certificate; if a gun licence is accepted anywhere in India, no NOC certificate is required.
  6. Additionally, the location of the factory's transport licence is required.
  7. Deliveries to retainers can only be approved on behalf of the customer; letters cannot be issued merely on the authority of the authorities. Now, in addition to the passport-size photo and an authority letter that is signed by the retainer, this also needs the name of the retainer.

Track Status of Gun License in India.
In addition to being updated in your account, the status of your application is sent to you via email or SMS at different points during the application process. 

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