Discover the Beast Harley-Davidson X440 Price, Specifications and Features.

In India, the most reasonably priced Harley-Davidson X 440 launched in 3 July 2023. Along with some contemporary features like LED lighting and a fully digital instrument cluster, it has a 440cc engine that delivers strong performance. Moreover, riding the bike is a lot of fun.
X 400 design is partially influenced by Harley's XR 1200. In case it wasn't, the bike is adorned with more than twelve logos to serve as a constant reminder. The 440 is a handsome motorcycle that is easy on the eyes and has good proportions. It appears to be a well-assembled motorbike unless you poke and prod at it because of the well-executed attention to detail in certain areas. 

An all-new 440cc, 2-valve, air-oil-cooled single pot motor powers the Harley-Davidson X440. At 6000 rpm, it generates 28 PS, and at 4000 rpm, 38 Nm. As low as 2000 rpm is where the company claims 90% of the torque is produced. The motor has a slip and assist clutch and is coupled to a six-speed gearbox. You get dual-channel ABS and traction control as rider aids. Having said that, the bike has a nice thump when in motion.

The new 440cc could be a little more refined in terms of quietness. It might also benefit from fewer vibrations after 4,500 rpm. Although the sensations don't give you buzzy hands after 30 minutes of riding, the mid-range could have benefited from the same level of smoothness. Now that the bike is in its sweet spot and you can ride at 90 kmph in sixth gear without getting tired.

The basic model has wire-spoke wheels and is painted in a single tone. Next, alloy wheels and a dual-tone finish are added to the mid version. The top-tier model has a tonne of high-end features, like 3D logos, Bluetooth connectivity, and alloy wheels with diamond cuts. The top model now has turn-by-turn navigation thanks to the Bluetooth module.

Suspension and Brakes
The suspension on the Harley-Davidson X440 is taken care of by twin rear shocks with preload adjustments. On both wheels, single disc brakes are in charge of providing braking power. It has an anti-locking braking system and disc brakes on the front and rear.

There are three variants for the X440: Denim, Vivid, and S. It comes in three colours: Thik Red, Mustard Denim, and Mate Black.
  • Manages incredibly well. 
  • Ergonomics that are comfortable. 
  • The 440cc engine performs well in the middle range.
  • Better fit and finish would have been ideal.
  • The vibrations of the engine could have been less. 

The cost of the Harley-Davidson X440 in its Denim version is Rs. 2,39,500. The costs of the other two variants, the X440 S and X440 Vivid, are Rs. 2,79,500 and Rs. 2,59,500, respectively. The X440 prices listed are the typical ex-showroom costs.

The Harley-Davidson X440 is a powerful two-wheeler. It's easy to operate the controls, particularly the clutch. Although it isn't the most sophisticated, the engine is lively, powerful, and fun. The treatment is involved and predictable. One is tempted to ride harder than is necessary by the tyres and the brakes hold and grip. It also has a good number of features. 

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