Gogoro Electric Scooter Now in India Price, Specifications and Features

With the introduction of Crossover GX250 as its first electric scooter, Taiwanese technology company Gogoro Inc. made an official entry into India. It is intended to serve the business-to-business market initially, particularly for last-mile services. It's interesting to note that Gogora hasn't yet revealed the Crossover's price. It's known as the SUV of scooters.

According to Gogoro, they plan to join the B2C market by the end of 2024. With the aid of the B2B network, the brand's top priority is building a vast network of swapping stations across the nation.

Built around a modular steel 'all-terrain' frame, the Gogoro line features a straightforward, practical design that complements its last-mile function. The Android-like face with the rectangular LED headlamp protruding from the apron gives it a distinctive look.

At 2000mm in length, the Crossover is among the longest scooters available. Gogoro gives you the option to use the split-seat arrangement that comes with it as a single piece of seating.

A 2.5kW direct drive motor that surpasses 60 kmph is installed in the Gogoro CrossOver GX250. The scooter's stated range is 111 kilometres. It is produced in Maharashtra and is the brand's first made-in-India item. Because of its roomy split seats, the e-scooter can support heavier loads without sacrificing comfort or stability. With a 176mm ground clearance, the CrossOver GX250 is equipped with a robust all-terrain frame. 

Suspension and brakes
The durability of the suspension is said to be greatly increased by the rigid frame. Long twin shock absorbers are located at the back of the suspension system, and a telescopic fork with fork guards is front-mounted. Front and rear disc brakes are standard on the CrossOver. It weighs 126 kg and is driven by 14-inch alloy wheels.

There is no shortage of space for passengers or storage in the CrossOver GX250. There are 26 locking points in the new mounting point expansion system. Four cargo mounting locations are included with the scooter: a platform above the headlight, the floorboard, the seat, and the rear cargo area. It is simple to satisfy different storage needs with this design. When additional cargo storage is required, the rear seat can be folded up or removed, serving as a backrest for riders as well.

The CrossOver GX250's price has not yet been disclosed by Gogoro, but since it is an Indian-made product, we anticipate that its starting price is Rs. 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom price). It is comparable to the Hero Electric Nyx.

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