The Stunning KTM RC 390 Is More Increased In Power But Has A Dark Side. (Price, Specifications, features and overall)

The KTM RC 390 is the most performance-oriented supersport in its class, and it has made a name for itself in that regard. Along with model year updates over time, it has seen a few feature additions, but nothing noteworthy. With the release of the 2022 RC 390, a new generation, that has changed. So, how does it function in real-world and is it something you should buy?

At a very reasonable sticker price, the KTM RC390 is an entry-level performance motorcycle with excellent performance, excellent riding dynamics, good safety features, and a full fairing. Also, the cost of maintenance for this motorbike is very reasonable.

The RC 390 has undergone a comprehensive redesign by KTM, including a new chassis, updated design, and improved mechanicals. It's a good thing that KTM's MotoGP machine served as inspiration for the design. The front has a good mass, and the layered fairing enhances the appearance. According to KTM, the new design has improved aerodynamics. It helps deflect wind over your helmet, and it does so effectively thanks to the windscreen.

For the most part, the build quality is decent. Everything is well put together, and the plastic quality is also good, if not excellent. Even the switchgear has a tactile feel and feels high-quality. The only thing that bothers me is the uneven panel gaps where the fuel tank and fairing meet.

With a new engine mapping that improves torque delivery, the RC 390 now has an airbox that is 40% larger. With a 1Nm increase in torque to 37Nm, the maximum power output of the 373cc liquid-cooled motor remains at 42.9bhp. And as promised by KTM, improved rigidity is provided by the engine being mounted on a lighter and stiffer (1.5 kg) chassis.

The slip and assist clutch is easy to use, and the six-speed gearbox shifts smoothly. Even the upgraded quickshifter functions well most of the time at speeds greater than 3,000 rpm. It did not have any problems with clutchless downshifts, but in the higher rev range near the redline, the upshifts behaved strangely. 

Though there is a mechanical clatter that lends the engine some character, overall the engine feels refined. At a stop and even above 7,000 rpm, you will feel some vibration on the tank, but nothing that will deter you. As the engine accelerates to its 10,000 rpm redline, it maintains a steady speed and increases power linearly. The rev-band, however, does not exhibit any abrupt power spikes, which indicates that it is no longer the hooligan that it once was. That's actually not a bad thing at all because you wouldn't ever feel the engine running slowly or gasping for air.

When it comes to features, the new KTM RC 390 is crammed full of technology. We're talking about fully-LED lighting, adjustable clutch and brake levers, full-TFT colour instrumentation with Bluetooth connectivity for phone and music controls, and more.

A motorcycle traction control (MTC) system, a bi-directional quickshifter+, a lean-sensitive cornering ABS, and a switchable dual-channel ABS with Supermoto mode are among the complete suite of electronic rider aids available for increased safety

  • Best performance in the class. 
  • packed with high-end features
  • manages incredibly well
  • Traffic-related heating problems
  • Dedicated riding role
  • Uncomfortable on longer rides

The starting price of the KTM RC 390 GP Edition variant is Rs. 3,63,298 rupees. The cost of the other variation, the RC 390 Standard, is Rs. 3,70,587 rupees. The RC 390 prices listed are for Delhi's on-road costs.

All things considered, purchasing the 2022 KTM RC 390 is a really enjoyable experience. Although the engine isn't quite as powerful as it once was, enthusiasts will still be satisfied with its increased power. Furthermore, the engine has been improved and now provides greater tractability within city limits. KTM could have priced the RC 390 more competitively given that it is significantly more expensive than the TVS Apache RR310 at Rs 3.14 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Nevertheless, novice riders will love the new RC 390's forgiving nature, while experts will value its communicativeness.

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