Italjet Dragster 559 Unleashing the Beast

The Italjet Dragster 559 Twin is undoubtedly a unique vehicle.
 At first glance it has the same design as a scooter but with the same technical structure as a real motorcycle. It is in fact equipped with a 550cc parallel twin-cylinder engine capable of (impressive) 58.33 hp (43.5 kW), and a 6-speed gearbox. The frame is a steel tube trellis, the UPSD fork has 48 mm travel, and the rear suspension is cantilever type. The wheels are 15" and are equipped with Pirelli Diablo tires. The seat height is 795 mm and the weight is 180 kg (dry weight). The Italjet Dragster 559 Twin will be available starting from the end of 2024, also in a version for A2 license holders.

Zooming into the future with an iconic legacy and a modern twist is the Italjet Dragster 559. Pioneering innovation and exceptional design, this piece shatters all stereotypes of conventional scooters. In this article, we embark on a thrilling journey to explore this Italian masterpiece, from its powerful engine to its distinctive design and everything in between. Hold on tight as we dive deep into the realms of this genius invention.

Let's Talk Engine: Power & Performance
The heart of any vehicle lies in its engine, and the Italjet Dragster is no different. In this section, we'll delve into the technicalities of its engine, its capacity, and most importantly, the power it delivers.

The Powerhouse
At the core of Dragster 559 resides a powerful, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This 559cc beast, combined with a six-speed gearbox, is designed to offer a thrilling, high-speed experience every time you twist the throttle.
"A beast of an engine that captures the essence of power and performance"

The Design: Merging Style & Function
Known for its groundbreaking design, the Italjet Dragster 559 shakes up the traditional scooter landscape. The article now ventures into the remarkable features that make this piece truly stand out.

A Stunner at First Glance
With an avant-garde design hardwired into its DNA, the Italjet Dragster 559 flaunts an innovative Independent Steering System (ISS). This unique structure separates the steering action from the suspension ensuring better handling, while the exposed trellis frame and aggressive lines reveal a blend of raw power and undeniable charm.

Creature Comforts
Besides its striking visual appeal, the Italjet Dragster 559 satisfies the comfort front as well. Its ergonomic seating design and an on-board TFT display complete with navigation, make each ride not only thrilling but also convenient and comfortable.

Master of Speed: The Performance Stats
Words only go so far, numbers tell the real story. Here is an honest evaluation of the Italjet Dragster 559's performance.

Acceleration & Top Speed
The Dragster accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and holds on to a top speed of 136 mph. By scooter standards, these figures are truly impressive.

Riding Experience
Owners of the Italjet Dragster 559 vouch for the thrill they experience in every ride. The quick acceleration and high-speed stability make it a favorite amongst speed enthusiasts.

Standout Features
The Italjet Dragster 559 boasts an arsenal of excellent features which we will explore now.

Safety First
The model comes with top-notch ABS brakes that provide excellent stopping power even at high speeds.

Customized to You
The Italjet Dragster 559 offers a range of customization options, ensuring you can add a personal touch to this masterpiece.

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