I Got This Beauty Classic Luxury Car in Dubai !

The Mercedes Benz 500k is a rare and highly sought-after car in Dubai. It boasts a robust 5.5L V8 engine and luxurious interior. The 500k is an attractive car with classic curved lines, chrome accents and polished alloy wheels.

This beautiful car can be found across Dubai, with some of them even being offered at exclusive auctions. Its exclusivity and luxurious features make it a desirable car for many people in the country.

The Mercedes Benz 500K is a rare and luxurious classic vehicle, produced between 1933 and 1936. Inside, the car featured a leather interior, with a wooden dashboard, and adjustable suspension. The 500K had a top speed of around 90 mph and a fuel capacity of 12.5 gallons. The car was considered a status symbol, and has since become a highly sought-after collector’s item.

The car featured a variety of exterior features such as apertured radiator grille, wind deflecting side panels, sloping panel between windscreen and bonnet, and an elegant, streamlined body. Inside, there was room for two passengers, with a luxurious interior of Bakelite, leather and polished wood. The 500K also featured adjustable-bodied suspension, lightweight alloy wheels and a spacious luggage compartment. This iconic car still appeals to collectors today, who admire its technologically advanced features, iconic design and refined style.
The interior of a Mercedes Benz 500K features an art deco–inspired dashboard with two large analog dials for speed and RPMs, accompanied by a digital readout for fuel level, water temperature, oil pressure, and a trip odometer.
A panel of toggle switches operates the vehicle's headlights, turn signals, and emergency flashers. The steering column holds a traditional steering wheel, complete with horn and cruise control buttons. Mounted on the dashboard is an AM/FM/CD stereo player.
The Mercedes Benz 500k car is equipped with two round sealed beam headlights, one on each side of the front grille. They provided good illumination on the road during night driving and allowed greater visibility. The headlights were integrated into the car's overall design, giving the front end a much more streamlined look.
The back of the Mercedes Benz 500k remains iconic, with its two wide tail lights, bold chrome trim and iconic blue and white badge. The car is finished off with a sleek, aerodynamic rear spoiler and chrome accents that add a modern touch.

The dual exhaust stands out from the design, giving the car an aggressive, powerful look. This classic looking car is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Mercedes Benz 500k has a spacious trunk for all your storage needs. The trunk offers 11 cubic feet of storage space, perfect for grocery bags, luggage or even sports equipment. The trunk can also be divided in half with an optional divider screen. It has easy access too – thanks to one-touch Easy-Pack tailgate power lift and a low loading edge. However, its wider opening angle needs a bit of clearance to open all the way.

The Mercedes Benz 500k is renowned for its luxurious comfort. Its beautiful leather car seats provide the perfect blend of style and function. Deep and contoured, they offer maximum comfort to all passengers.
It is fitted with a 5.5L V8 engine for an impressive 455 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. It also offers adaptive suspension and an AIRMATIC air suspension system for calming down any bumps in the road.
It was a dream car for the extremely few individuals that could afford it. The luxury sports car is very rare, also making it very high-priced. Each of the 500Ks sold for about $10,000 when they were first launched, which is equivalent to $214, 555 today.

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