Now it is known why Lexus lf30 is a super car?

LEXUS ELECTRIFIED Unveiled along with the LF-30 Electrified concept. This vehicle is an electric car, Lexus has come out with this concept car and has achieved many basic goals such as in vehicle performance, handling, control and driver enjoyment - even as mobility.

Its design has been made that it looks like a futuristic vehicle. An interior that assertively weaves in autonomous driving and other new technologies aims to manifest Lexus’ distinctive worldview. 

Artificial Muscle

The rear seats use artificial muscle technology to mold to their occupant, and can support various modes such as reclining, relaxation, and alert functions.

A Mark Levinson audio system creates a next-generation listening environment, in which minute speaker control establishes ideal acoustic spaces for music listening pleasure for the driver and each passenger, and speakers built into the headrests not only provide an optimal audio environment but also have a noise-canceling feature that contributes to enhanced quietness.

Onboard AI distinguishes the voices of vehicle occupants, and uses personalized information stored on the driver’s control key to serve as a partner. It facilitates the adjustment of elements of the interior environment, such as air temperature and audio, and the setting of navigation routes and destinations, while also making proposals for activities after arrival. It also understands driver’s preferences and helps them control the suspension and powertrain settings in real-time according to the driving scene.

A glass roof above the rear seats features voice control and a gesture controlled “Sky Gate” display window that uses AR to display various types of information, such as a realistic star-filled sky, user-favorite videos, and even navigation.

In-wheel electric motors for each of the vehicle’s four wheels and low positioning of the battery enable better handling of inertia and high-level driving performance.

In addition to its unique design, the interior also indicates the direction of next-generation luxury by using sustainable materials to reduce environmental burden.

Based on the latest autonomous driving technology concept of ‘Lexus Teammate’, the LF-30 Electrified features advanced driving support functions in the form of a Chauffeur mode and a Guardian mode.

Because of Chauffeur mode Occupants can enjoy both comfort and peace of mind during autonomous driving with advanced posture control technology being employed.

Lexus Advanced Posture Control technology regulates the drive-power output from high-torque electric motors to adjust vehicle posture in tune with human sensibilities. Completely independent control of front and rear drive wheels allows appropriate provision of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive, depending on the driving situation.

A traditional Japanese material, is used in the floor and steering controller while recycled metal was processed into fibers for use in creating the pleated door trim. This approach expresses Lexus’ distinctiveness and innovative spirit.
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