Volkswagen India has introduced the Tiguan Exclusive Edition

Volkswagen India has introduced the Tiguan Exclusive Edition

Exciting has a new form. An exclusive new form.

The Tiguan Exclusive Edition.

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Outstanding outside, innovative inside. The Tiguan Exclusive Edition shows what it means to keep reinventing yourself. Intelligent technology gives it exceptional abilities. Exclusive additions in this new edition put it in a league of its own.

As a dynamic SUVW, with the latest tech and brand-new look, it’s full of reasons to get excited. Skip boring with the exciting new Tiguana

Exclusive Features

New 45.72 cms (18") Sebring Alloy wheels turn heads as you cruise down roads you love. When in motion, the alloy wheels spin, while the Volkswagen logo caps remain in place, seemingly defying the laws of physics. A surreal sight that’s truly exclusive. The Loading Sill Protection on the rear bumper not only protects the paintwork during loading and unloading but also gives it a premium look. As aluminium pedals offer better grip and exude a solid feel. While a Cushion Pillow is just that extra touch of plush.

Exclusive Badge

Less a badge. More a symbol. Of exciting. Of exclusive. A trinity of Tiguan Exclusive Edition badges signify the exciting journeys that lie ahead. Exactly why The Tiguan Exclusive Edition comes with exclusive badging that sets you apart.

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Ordinary. The last word you'd think of when looking at the Tiguan Exclusive Edition.

It’s not often an SUV comes along that changes the way people think about cars. Part of Volkswagen’s range of stunning SUVWs, the latest Tiguan does just that, setting benchmarks for style, refinement and pure driver appeal.

For those who don't do ordinary, special badging on the Tiguan Exclusive Edition underlines its exclusivity. Along with the new front and rear bumpers, New 45.72 cms (18") Sebring Alloy wheels lend the Tiguan Exclusive Edition a significantly more confident and assured look. From the powerful proportions to the dynamic front with its precise lines to the pronounced shoulders, the expressive silhouette is a definite head-turner.

Loading Sill Protection keeps your paintwork intact when loading and unloading, all while giving it a premium appearance.

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The Tiguan Exclusive Edition shines in full splendour thanks to the LED matrix headlights featuring the intelligent and adaptive IQ.LIGHT.

The IQ.LIGHT matrix is a revolutionary vehicle lighting system made of 24 individual LEDs that guide the driver through the night with enhanced convenience and comfort.

It has a dynamic and Advanced Front Lighting System (AFS) with range control, cornering light, poor weather light that provides specially configured light beams for country roads, highways, and off-road driving. It adapts the lighting in front of the vehicle to various driving situations by changing the geometry of the headlight beam.

Customizable 25.4 cm high-resolution TFT Digital Cockpit

When driving, do you want to just keep your eye on the road and engine speed displays?

Or do you want more driving data? Maybe you want the name of the song you’re listening to? Or a selection of the above?  

The choice is literally in your hands. Using the multifunction steering wheel, you can simply configure the digital cockpit. Just the way you like it.

Ambient Lighting

Bring the interior to glow gently in one of 30 selectable colours. 

Whether you’re in a cooler or warmer climate, in the illuminated metropolis or at night on the dark country road, with the ambient lighting you can create a different, suitable atmosphere depending on the occasion.

20.23 cm touchscreen infotainment system

The intuitive touchscreen infotainment system effortlessly gives you access to music, calls and stay connected with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also allows you to access important information about your Tiguan Exclusive Edition including its tyre pressure and other essential statistics at just a glance.

My Volkswagen Connect Plus
Connect to your Tiguan Exclusive Edition, from anywhere

Introducing the new Volkswagen Connect Plus, an app that serves as a one-stop solution for you to stay connected with your Volkswagen, remotely and at any given time. This application provides you with access to check the safety and security of your Volkswagen along with the GEO-location feature to track your car.

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Powerful Performance.

Stepping behind the wheel of the Tiguan Exclusive Edition is a powerful feeling, in more ways than one. Being meticulously engineered, it's where power and efficiency work in tandem.

2.0L TSI Engine

Volkswagen’s revolutionary 2.0L TSI engine brings to the table the raw power of 190 PS and 320 NM torque. Equal parts exciting and economical, it sets itself apart from conventional petrol engines by delivering spectacular power and torque with lower fuel consumption.

7-Speed DSG

The Tiguan Exclusive Edition's 7-Speed DSG predicts your next gear shift before you actually make it. This allows for smoother shifts and quicker gear changes which translate to higher on-road performance and comfortable drives.

4MOTION with Drive Mode Selector

Our advanced 4MOTION technology keeps the Tiguan Exclusive Edition gripped firmly to the road. As conditions change, it distributes power between the front and rear wheels to help optimize traction and stability.

Gesture Control

Small gestures go a long way in the Tiguan Exclusive Edition. Navigating the main menu, changing radio stations, scrolling through playlists and accessing music albums, all of it is possible with a flick of a wrist.

Touch and Slide AC Control

The Tiguan Exclusive Edition gives you precision control over your air conditioning with a sleek new touch panel.

Only one quick swipe will help you adjust the 3-zone smart climate control, so you can find the perfect temperature without ever taking your eyes off the road.

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Safety has a new standard with Volkswagen Tiguan Exclusive Edition. 6 airbags adjust to crash impact and severity, to protect you and everyone inside. Its dependable Electronic Stability Control Programme dramatically improves stability and reduces any loss of traction, while the responsive Electronic Differential Lock and Anti-lock Braking System prevent any unexpected skids. Navigating elevated terrains is easier than ever with its reliable Hill Descent Control. Front and rear disc brakes make for secure and worry-free drives.

Rest assured, the Tiguan Exclusive Edition's intelligent safety systems let you take on the road with confidence.


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