Potent Beast, Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special?

Being a formidable presence, the Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special is more than simply a head-turner. A powerful engine that cries to be let go is hidden beneath its strong, blacked-out exterior. However, the Night Rod Special’s unexpectedly comfortable ride belies its aggressive posture, making it a cruiser that is equally at ease cruising lengthy highways as cruising city streets.
Knights of the Dark Side on two wheels is the Night Rod Special. Everything is covered in blacked-out finishes, with orange pinstripes to distinguish the engine and wheels. Its performance capability is hinted at by its low handlebar and inverted forks, which provide a streamlined design complemented by a powerful fuel tank and tapering tail. The bold design and cosy ergonomics combine to create a head-turning effect.
Engine and Gearbox
A liquid-cooled, 1247cc V-twin engine producing 125 horsepower and 115 Nm of torque powers the Night Rod Special. This results in a powerful pulling force and exhilarating acceleration. You may enjoy a snappy and smooth ride with all that muscle put to the ground thanks to a 5-speed gearbox.
From the standard Harley mould, the Night Rod Special departs. It has surprising agility and a powerful pull for cruising on the highway thanks to its torque, which peaks at 7,000 rpm. Though it isn’t a true drag racer, it provides an exhilarating experience that surpasses typical Harley standards.
From the powerful engine to the large 240mm rear tyre, all the blacked-out details are apparent. A sleek exhaust and matching-colour windscreen offer a little style, but inverted forks and a low handlebar suggest its performance. Safe transportation is ensured by standard equipment like warning lights and a fuel gauge.
The Night Rod Special puts performance and style first, but it doesn’t totally ignore safety. Front and rear dual-disc brakes offer powerful stopping force. Nevertheless, the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), a crucial safety component, was only offered as a part of an extra security package. This implies that careful riders might wish to think about installing ABS to improve control during rapid stops.
Suspension and brakes
Strong stopping combined with a smooth ride characterises the Night Rod Special. Robust 49mm forks at the front absorb shocks, and two adjustable rear shocks allow you to fine-tune the handling for either riding alone or with a passenger. For sure stopping power, both front and rear wheels have four-piston callipers and dual 300mm discs for braking.
  • A powerful statement is created by the muscular design and blacked-out finishes.
  • The torque and power of a liquid-cooled V-twin are surprisingly high.
  • Ergonomics that are surprisingly pleasant for extended-distance driving.
  • Standard instruments and a few market-dependent optional safety features, such as ABS. 
  • Depending on where you are, black can be your only option.
  • This important safety feature may need to be updated.
  • Some riders may find it difficult to manoeuvre at slow speeds.
Night Rod Special is priced at Rs. 22.02 lakh. 

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