Elegant Styled, Citroen Basalt?

A new SUV called the Citroen Basalt will arrive in India in late 2024. It combines a sporty, elegant style with SUV space. Perhaps not all the bells and whistles that competitors provide, but features like large sunroofs and touchscreen controls are to be expected. For those searching for an entertaining and reasonably priced SUV. 
The new Citroen Basalt combines SUV sturdiness with a sporty appearance. Picture a sleek, sloping roofline on a high-riding vehicle. Its squared LED strips and split headlights are really stunning. The back windows are partially hidden by blacked-out pillars on the sides, giving the design an enigmatic feel.

The interior of the Basalt is anticipated to be similar to that of its C3 Aircross sister, even if Citroen hasn’t disclosed all the interior details. This translates to comfortable seats, a computerised instrument cluster, and a sizable infotainment touchscreen. Even though it might not have all the newest bells and whistles, functions like wireless charging and automatic climate control might still be present. 
Engine and Gearbox
A 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine will probably power the Basalt, providing ample acceleration for city driving. There are two possible gearbox options for this engine: a fuel-efficient 5-speed manual gearbox or a smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic. Although specifics are still pending, this configuration ought to provide you with a decent balance between performance and fuel efficiency.
Although the Citroen Basalt’s precise performance numbers are still unknown, analysts anticipate a quick ride because of its 1.2-litre turbo engine. This ought to be sufficient for easily traversing city streets and highways. Although it's unlikely to win any drag races, the emphasis seems to be on having pleasure driving on a daily basis.
The basalt has several technological characteristics! It should have a large touchscreen for entertainment and navigation, in addition to a digital instrument cluster that shows fuel and speed information. You may anticipate standard luxuries, including comfortable seats and climate control. While your phone may be able to charge wirelessly, there may be a lack of certain sophisticated capabilities.
Although the Citroen Basalt’s official safety features are still pending, the essentials should be included. This probably includes electronic stability control to help you maintain control on slick roads, airbags for frontal and side accidents, and a rear parking camera to make parking in tight spaces easy. It’s crucial to maintain awareness at all times when driving because more sophisticated driver-assistance features might be absent.
Suspension and brakes
Information regarding the suspension and brakes of the Citroen Basalt is not yet available. On the other hand, suspension systems on SUVs are usually designed to tackle bumps and offer a smooth ride. With disc brakes on all four wheels, the brakes should provide a secure stopping force. For confirmation, we’ll have to wait for Citroen to provide the official specs.
  • Roomy cabin with lots of headroom and legroom.
  • Stylish, athletic design with a clean roofline.
  • Technological amenities, including a large touchscreen and digital instrument cluster (anticipated).
  • With a 1.2-litre turbo engine, decent performance for city driving is to be expected.
  • May not have as many cutting-edge features as competitors.
  • Probably the most the most basic safety features are airbags, stability control, and parking cameras.
  • Official fuel economy ratings and performance metrics are not yet available.
  • The interior and feature information are still being kept under wraps.
Price and Variants
The anticipated pricing range (ex-showroom) for the Citroen Basalt coupe SUV in India is Rs. 12.00 lakh to Rs. 15.00 lakh. The Basalt is likely to be offered in three variants, namely You, Plus, and Max.

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