Deadly Machine gun, M249 Paratrooper?

A more portable version of the well-reliable and adaptable M249 light machine gun is the M249 Paratrooper. It is employed by armed forces all over the world, and it fires 5.56mm NATO bullets with a folding buttstock. Because of its lightweight construction, it is perfect for infantry support and airborne operations.
The M249 Paratrooper is an air-cooled, gas-operated weapon with a quick-change barrel system that allows for continuous fire. It features a bipod for stability during firing and a folding buttstock for portability. Disintegrating belts are used in its feed system, and for improved performance, it can be fitted with a variety of lenses and accessories.
Excellent performance is provided by the M249 Paratrooper, which can fire continuously at a rate of about 750 rounds per minute. With an effective range of up to 800 metres, it operates dependably in a variety of environmental circumstances. It is ideally suited for both airborne and infantry missions because of its lightweight construction and mobility.
The M249 Paratrooper has a foldable buttstock for convenient carrying and a small, lightweight construction. It makes use of a disintegrating belt feed mechanism, a quick-change barrel, and a gas-operated system. It has a bipod for stability and is compatible with a wide range of optics and accessories, so it may be adjusted to meet a variety of operational needs.
Several safety features are built into the M249 Paratrooper to guarantee safe handling. These consist of an unloading chamber safety flag, a bolt catch to retain the bolt open after the final round, and a manual safety lever to avoid accidental discharge. Safety protocols are improved even further by routine maintenance and training
  • Small design for activities in the air.
  • Dependable operation under diverse circumstances.
  • capacity for continuous automatic firing.
  • Flexibility with accessory compatibility and a quick-change barrel.
  • Improved mobility is due to the lightweight build.
  • Has a shorter range than some larger machine guns.
  • It needs routine upkeep to function at its best.
  • Excessive ammo is used when there is continuous fire.
Price and Variants 
A brand-new M249 Paratrooper may cost anywhere between Rs. 5.8 lakh and Rs. 8.33 lakh. The M249 is available in several variations, including the basic M249, M249E1, M249S (semi-automatic civilian version), and Mk 46 Mod 0. 

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