Best for Military Missions, Avic AR-500C?

Transport, observation, and reconnaissance are just a few of the uses for the adaptable Avic AR-500C. It is perfect for both civilian and military missions because of its large cabin, which can hold up to 19 passengers or cargo, extended endurance, cutting-edge avionics, and dependable performance.
The sturdy airframe of the Avic AR-500C is made of lightweight materials, such as modern composites, which improve durability and fuel efficiency. Its strong turboprop engines and high-wing layout give it exceptional stability and short-field capability. The aircraft's state-of-the-art avionics and communication systems guarantee safe and effective operation in a variety of conditions.
Engine and gearbox
Two turboprop engines, usually the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B, known for their dependability and performance, power the Avic AR-500C. These engines provide effective propulsion by powering four-bladed propellers. To ensure dependable and seamless operation, the aircraft uses a conventional gearbox system to transfer power from the engines to the propellers.
With a range of over 1,500 nautical miles and a maximum cruising speed of about 611.5 kmph, the Avic AR-500C has outstanding performance characteristics. It can take off and land quickly thanks to its high wing structure and strong engines, which makes it appropriate for a variety of missions and conditions.
With its state-of-the-art features, the Avic AR-500C can carry up to 19 people or cargo combinations in its roomy and adaptable cabin. It has contemporary avionics, like communication systems and glass cockpit displays, which provide improved situational awareness and operational effectiveness. Furthermore, a variety of mission capabilities are made possible by its durable structure and adaptable design.
By utilising cutting-edge technologies like autopilot, traffic collision avoidance, and terrain awareness and warning, the Avic AR-500C puts safety first. In order to guarantee peak performance and dependability and to improve passenger and crew safety, it also complies with strict certification requirements and receives routine maintenance.
  • Fit for a range of tasks, such as transportation, reconnaissance, and observation.
  • Can hold up to 19 people or be configured for freight.
  • Outstanding short-field capability, speed, and range.
  • Outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for communication and navigation.
  • There is a dearth of information on certain shortcomings or restrictions.
  • Depending on usage and requirements, potential maintenance and operating expenses may change.

Suspension and brakes
To facilitate soft landings and lessen impact forces, the Avic AR-500C is equipped with a sturdy landing gear system that includes shock absorbers. In order to provide safe and dependable ground handling, its brakes are engineered for effective deceleration and have anti-skid technology to improve control during landing and taxiing operations. 

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