Zoom Workspace AI Collaboration Platform Launched

Launched on Monday, Zoom Workspace is the AI-powered collaboration tool for the video meeting service. Less than a month has passed since the firm initially introduced the new platform in March, and people worldwide can now access it. Although Zoom Workspace will be a component of the same desktop application, it will have an updated interface with AI functions. The platform has a number of new features, such as AI Companion, improved meetings, and expanded team chat capabilities.

In a blog post, the firm announced the release of Zoom Workspace, stating that customers can utilise the new features on the most recent desktop Zoom software version (6.0 or later). All subscribers who have paid for it can access it at no extra expense. Since Zoom Workspace is presently unavailable to free users, they would need to subscribe to Zoom Pro, the platform’s most economical subscription plan, which costs Rs. 13,200 annually, in order to enjoy the AI features.

Notably, customers will now get to combine the chatbot with Zoom Phone and obtain post-call summaries, voice mail prioritizing, and more. The chatbot has several capabilities, including recapping meetings, brainstorming ideas, writing chat messages and emails, and more.
In addition, Zoom has introduced a new Meetings tab that includes calendar functionality and a comprehensive view that displays all of the shared files and information both before and during the meeting, along with the full meeting lifecycle. The interface is better than the default interface since it has four color themes, a multi-speaker view, and a reduced toolbar.

Additional features are also being added to Zoom’s team chat. Whiteboards, resources, and assets relevant to channels will all be visible to users in one view. By utilising these capabilities within the chat style, users can converse with other users who are simultaneously accessing them.

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