Samsung launched world's first-glare free AI-powered 8K TVs in India

Samsung has announced its newest range of flagship OLED 4K and Neo QLED 8K smart TVs, which are equipped with the NQ8 AI Gen3 engine, which offers on-device AI features like audio enhancement and image upscaling. At the Unbox and Discover 2024 launch event in Bengaluru, the brand-new TVs were unveiled.

These are the company’s first smart TVs (Neo QLED 8K) featuring generative AI capabilities on the device. Samsung claims that these TizenOS-powered TVs are brimming with features like cloud gaming, an educational hub, and smart yoga, which can be enjoyed by connecting the TV to an AI-powered mat.

Pre-orderers of the Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, or the glare-free OLED will receive a free soundbar up to Rs 79,990, or, depending on the model, a Freestyle worth Rs 59,990 or a Music Frame worth Rs 29,990. Offers for preorders are valid until April 30, 2024

With the Neo QLED 48, which is equipped with the NQ8 AI Gen3 neural processing unit, which has 512 neural networks, Samsung is utilizing on-device AI capabilities. These capabilities include AI Picture Technology, AI Upscaling Pro, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, AI Sound Technology, AI Auto Game Mode, AI Customisation Mode, and AI Energy Mode.

Samsung’s OLED TV is the first glare-free OLED in the world. The Neo“QLED 4K is priced at Rs 1,39,990 and is offered in five sizes: 55, 65, 75, 85, and 98 inches. It is also available in two variants, QN85D and QN90D. Similar to the LCD TV, the OLED TV is priced at Rs. 1,64,990 and comes in two models: the S95D and the S90D. It is available in sizes of 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches.

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