Microsoft OneNote App for Apple Vision Pro Launched

On Tuesday, Microsoft OneNote was released for the Apple Vision Pro. Users may now enjoy an immersive experience with the cloud-based note-taking software by supporting Vision Pro’s virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments. With the help of speech mode and a virtual keyboard with finger-tracking sensors, the app will allow users to take notes without using their hands. Notably, Zoom created an app earlier this year that worked with the mixed-reality headset and supported both expanding virtual conference rooms and Apple’s Personas feature.

In a blog post, Microsoft Product Manager Greg MacEachern announced the announcement, writing, “Today, we are announcing the newest member of the OneNote family, on the Apple Vision Pro... The OneNote app for the Apple Vision Pro allows you to write and modify your to-do list, plan travels, and practice daily routines in spatial reality—it really helps you stay productive wherever you are.

The OneNote app will support AR and VR settings, just like other apps made for Apple’s mixed reality headset. This implies that users have the option to launch the program in a virtual area or floating in the middle of the room at any size they choose. Additionally, the software will include speech recognition and a virtual keyboard. Furthermore, Microsoft has stated that Vision Pro users would have access to a number of capabilities that are present on the iPad version of the programme.
The new platform does not, however, have any additional special features. All of the standard functions, including creating a digital notepad, taking single-sheet notes, and writing memos, will be available to users. Additionally, OneNote users can add tags to notes to make them easier to find and highlight material. Moreover, notes can have passwords appended to them to increase their security.

OneNote from Microsoft also has cloud-syncing and sharing functions. However, only its premium users have access to some of the services. In the future, the tech behemoth promises to add more platform-specific functionality. Inserting the camera and photographs, integrating Copilot, two-factor authentication, and other features are a few of these characteristics. When this functionality can be added, it is not specified.

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