Luxury and Comfort, BMW 7 Series?

The luxury automobile becomes a security stronghold with the addition of BMW 7 Series Protection. The carefully designed interior of the 7 Series maintains the characteristic luxury and comfort, while the occupants are protected by bulletproof protection and cutting-edge security technologies. This powerful vehicle is the best option for people who want protection and status since it puts passenger safety first without sacrificing style or strength.
The 7 Series Protection keeps the BMW shape intact while hinting at its armoured composition. Important design cues like the recognisable kidney grille may have flashing lights, and the overall posture could seem a little more powerful. Optional elements like pennant holders and an additional rearview mirror add a unique touch, even if the majority of changes are undetectable.

The inside of the 7 Series Protection is opulent and roomy, even with its reinforced core. A refined vibe is produced by handcrafted components, including carbon fibre trim and upholstery made of merino leather. A comfortable and versatile seat with plenty of adjustment options guarantees a comfortable ride. Modern amenities that put the safety and well-being of passengers first include an optional oxygen tank and an intercom system.
Engine and Gearbox
The 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 530 horsepower, replaces the basic engines in the 7 Series Protection. All-wheel drive, an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and this powerful engine combine to provide an exhilarating driving experience. Its shrewd engineering manages to keep weight down even with the additional armour.
A small amount of speed is given up for maximum safety with the BMW 7 Series Protection. Owing to its substantial weight, the armoured 7 Series takes 6.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 96 kilometres per hour, whereas the normal model does so in less than 5 seconds. When necessary, the all-wheel drive system and 530-horsepower V8 engine provide an exhilarating ride and swift escapes.
Beyond indestructible panels, the 7 Series Protection is unmatched. Post-puncture mobility is guaranteed by run-flat tires. Fuel tanks with self-sealing capabilities and a strengthened underbody shield prevent explosions. Every door has an emergency escape route. Additional protection is provided by optional equipment like a fire extinguisher and a fresh-air system. Under the garb of an upscale sedan, it’s a security suite.
Upon transformation, the 7 Series Protection becomes a rolling vault. Ballistic armour protects against explosives and powerful guns. Even sniper bullets are stopped by bulletproof glass. Fire surprises are avoided with a strengthened underbody and a self-sealing fuel tank. Escape routes are guaranteed via emergency exits, while extras like oxygen supplies and intercoms put occupant safety first in any circumstance.
Suspension and brakes
To support the added weight of the armour without completely compromising control, the suspension is probably strengthened. Perhaps it’s an adaptive system that self-corrects to operate at peak efficiency under different driving circumstances. For the heavier vehicle to be stopped successfully, upgraded brakes with larger callipers and heat-resistant components are necessary.
  • It is a security fortress, equipped with bulletproof armour, explosion protection, and run-flat ires.
  • Despite the armour, it has a luxurious cabin with luxury materials and cutting-edge technology.
  • Expensive due to advanced security technology and reinforced construction.
  • Added armour has an impact on performance and fuel efficiency. Focuses on discrete hues, sacrificing some customisation.
Price and Colours
It starts well above Rs. 10 crore in India. It has 5 colours: Oxide Grey, Brooklyn Grey, Deep Grey, Adventurine Red, and Pure Grey.

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