Stylish Beast, Keeway Benda Darkflag?

The Keeway Benda Darkflag is a sleek and powerful motorbike intended for urban exploration and adventure riding. With its aggressive look, powerful engine, and advanced features like LED lighting and digital instrumentation, it provides both performance and style in a versatile package, making it ideal for riders seeking thrills and functionality.
The Keeway Benda Darkflag has a stunning appearance, with aggressive lines and sophisticated features. Its elegant exterior has LED illumination, a sculpted fuel tank, and a unique twin exhaust system. With attention to detail, such as the contrasting colour scheme and precise graphics, it emanates strength and refinement on the highway.
Engine and Gearbox
A 496 cc engine that produces 42 Nm of torque and 54.34 Ps of power powers Darkflag. When paired with a seamless six-speed gearbox, it provides accurate gear shifts and smooth power delivery. It guarantees an exhilarating and responsive riding experience on every terrain, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sturdy construction.
With a powerful engine that can produce rapid acceleration and high-speed cruising, the Keeway Benda Darkflag offers thrilling performance. Whether maneuvering through city streets or taking on winding routes, its precise control and stability are ensured by its sensitive suspension system and quick handling. Every time the throttle is twisted, an exhilarating riding sensation is provided.
With its modern features, the Keeway Benda Darkflag is unmatched in the safety and performance of its dual-channel ABS ABS system, digital instrumentation for easier monitoring of vital signs, and LED illumination for improved visibility. Select riders may enjoy both flair and functionality with the sophisticated design, powerful engine, and contemporary comforts.
With its dual-channel ABS system, the Keeway Benda Darkflag stresses rider safety and offers improved braking control on a variety of road surfaces. Its robust structure and agile handling also help to maintain stability and confidence when performing manoeuvres. It provides riders with peace of mind on every journey because of its dependable build and cutting-edge safety features.
Suspension and brakes
The front telescopic fork suspension and rear monoshock absorber on the Keeway Benda Darkflag bike provide a calm and comfortable ride. It is appropriate for both long-distance and urban riding due to its front and rear disc brakes, which provide precise braking performance and increased road safety.
There are various fashionable colour variations of the Keeway Benda Darkflag available, such as Black Midnight, Red Racing, Blue Ocean, and Shadowy Grey.
  • Aggressive and stylish design.
  • A strong engine for an exhilarating ride.
  • Cutting-edge features, including computerised instrumentation and LED illumination.
  • Agile handling for riding in cities and on adventures.
  • ABS with two channels for increased security.
  • Limited accessibility in some areas.
  • Because of its high performance, it might not be appropriate for novices.
The Keeway Benda Darkflag price starts at Rs. 8 lakh.

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