Get Sheeva for Citroen vehicles in India.

Automobiles Citroen in India Acquire Sheeva AI in-vehicle services. It is designed specifically for the Citroen C3 Aircross SUV AT in India. Citroen drivers can now pay for petrol straight from their cars at an astounding 32,000 fueling stations throughout India, thanks to SheevaConnectTM.

A Visionary Approach to Customer Experience 
Sheeva.AI’s founder and visionary CEO, Evgeny Klochikhin, expressed his excitement about the collaboration and emphasised the company’s dedication to safeguarding and streamlining in-car services. Sheeva.AI guarantees smooth transaction activation and authorization at the point of service by utilizing accurate vehicle location data.

Expanding Possibilities for Citroen Owners 
Klochikhin revealed that Sheeva was a clue to what might happen in the future.AI intends to launch new use cases designed especially for Citroen owners, including parking and tolling schemes. This innovative strategy confirms Sheeva. AI’s commitment to always improving its users’ driving experiences.

Global Rollout of Sheeva.AI’s Product Suite 
The introduction of SheevaConnectTM to Citroen automobiles is merely the start of a worldwide expansion. The Sheeva.AI database maps more than 2,000,000 service points, such as EV chargers, parking spots, and petrol pumps. The company’s cutting-edge product suite has the potential to revolutionise in-vehicle services on a global basis.
Streamlined Transaction Process
Through the MyCitroen Connect smartphone app, drivers may easily conduct transactions using their favorite UPI provider when they approach a petrol station that has been enabled with SheevaConnect. Attendants swiftly scan the QR code on their point-of-sale terminal to authorise entry upon arrival. After filling up, drivers get a digital receipt that is safely processed via the MyCitroen Connect smartphone app.
To sum up, the collaboration between Sheeva.AI and Citroen signifies a noteworthy advancement in the domain of in-vehicle services. The way drivers engage with their automobiles is being transformed by Sheeva.AI. Owners of Citroen vehicles may anticipate even more improvements to their driving experience as the global deployment proceeds.

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