Best Electric Scooter, TVS iQube?

The TVS iQube is an electric scooter designed for city transportation. It provides city commuters with an easy and environmentally responsible trip because of its stylish design and cutting-edge technology. Regenerative braking, remote diagnostics, and smartphone connectivity are some of its advantages, which guarantee a smooth and effective travel experience.
The TVS iQube has a modern appearance with angular edges and futuristic accents. The LED lighting system guarantees safety and visibility, and its aerodynamic form adds flair and functionality. The iQube provides urban commuters with a comfortable and manoeuvrable riding experience thanks to its small frame and ergonomic features.
Engine and Gearbox
Three 2.25kWh lithium-ion batteries powering the iQube are used in its construction. It takes around five hours to fully charge, and its stated range is 75 kilometers. A 4.4 kW hub-mounted BLDC motor that generates 140 Nm of torque at the wheel powers the scooter. An electric motor powers the TVS iQube, providing quiet, smooth operation that is perfect for urban settings. It has an efficient and smooth-accelerating belt-driven gearbox system.
Impressive performance designed for urban travel is provided by the TVS iQube. With a range of 75 km between charges and a top speed of 78 km/h, it guarantees convenient movement without emitting any pollutants. Regenerative braking increases efficiency, while smartphone connectivity makes it more convenient for today’s commuters looking for an environmentally friendly ride.
With its wealth of contemporary features, the TVS iQube improves urban commuting. Convenience and peace of mind are ensured by its smartphone connectivity for remote diagnostics and navigation. It provides a smooth and pleasurable ride thanks to its LED illumination for safety, efficient regenerative braking, and roomy storage area.
The TVS iQube’s cutting-edge features put rider safety first. It has an LED lighting system installed for improved visibility in all lighting circumstances. In addition, its robust build and ergonomic design offer stability and control on city roads, and its regenerative braking system delivers dependable stopping power.
Suspension and brakes
A front telescopic suspension system and a rear hydraulic shock absorber allow the TVS iQube to ride smoothly and comfortably over a variety of road conditions. Its regenerative braking improves economy, and its disc brakes on both wheels deliver dependable stopping power, making urban travel safe and pleasurable.
A variety of fashionable colours are offered for the TVS iQube electric scooter, including: blue racing, red racing, and black racing. 
  • Green electric power generation.
  • Contemporary elements such as smartphone integration.
  • A quiet and fluid performance.
  • Practical storage section.
  • For efficiency, use regenerative braking.
  • Limited range in comparison to certain rivals.
  • Greater starting cost as a result of electric technology.
  • Certain places might not have enough infrastructure for charging.
The TVS iQube electric scooter has a starting price of Rs. 1,15,000 lakh (ex-showroom) in India.

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