How to use UPI Lite?

With the option to make minor payments without a PIN, UPI Lite greatly streamlines digital payments in India.

With just a phone number or a QR code to scan, customers may now make instantaneous digital payments in India thanks to UPI. The bank not only records the transaction in the passbook but also sends an email and message for each UPI payment, even those of little value. Because UPI Lite makes UPI payments even easier to use, setting it up makes a lot of sense.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) offers an on-device wallet called UPI Lite, which is far easier to use. With a maximum amount of Rs 2,000, the wallet enables users to make rapid payments of up to Rs 500 at a time. UPI Lite transactions, in contrast to standard UPI payments, do not require a PIN for verification, which lowers the payment failure rate—a problem with UPI. 

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