Google has Gemini AI

According to reports, Google has begun to roll out a new beta version of the Google Messages app that includes Gemini AI, the company’s AI-powered chatbot. The tech giant originally revealed the AI assistant’s integration with the messaging app last month, along with a number of other new capabilities for Android phones. Some users have reportedly discovered a Gemini contact option that enables them to speak with the AI directly. Nevertheless, only a few devices can use this feature.

A tip by 9 to 5 Google claims that a recent upgrade to Google Messages beta has shown Gemini as a contact when hitting the floating action button labelled “new conversation” (FAB). “Write, plan, learn, and more with Google AI” is the brief description that Gemini AI displays along with its logo. When users click on this button, a new chat window where they can communicate with the chatbot opens. To sign up for the beta programme, go to the Google Play Store, search for Google Messages, and click the link. This will allow you to be a beta tester.

Interestingly, not all beta testers have access to the feature. According to the report, users need to meet a few requirements before they can communicate with Google Gemini. First off, just a select few devices are reportedly receiving the update, including the Pixel 6 series or later, the Pixel Fold, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series or later, the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Galaxy Z Flip. If other devices are displaying the feature as well, it is unknown.
Additionally, the beta testers must be logged in using their own Google accounts rather than Workspace or Family Link accounts. In the Messages app on Android, the Rich Communications Services (RCS) function should also be enabled. If you live in Canada, you should select English or French as the language.

It has been reported that the Gemini 1.0 Pro large language model (LLM) powers the Gemini AI in the Google Messages app. Although users can converse one-on-one with the chatbot, they are unable to use Gemini in group or two-person chats. Additionally, users can alter the message bubbles’ colour and submit photos. Voice communications are not supported by the chatbot. The report further claims that even with RCS enabled, end-to-end encryption was not used during the discussion with Gemini. 

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