Best time to buy Ather EV scooter in Fame 2 Subsidy before 25 March

The Indian government has been promoting the use and purchase of electric vehicles as a solution to the growing pollution issues caused by diesel and petrol-powered vehicles. The FAME 2 subsidy was one of these projects that provided subsidies to people for buying electric vehicles, and it is until March 31st.

As part of this initiative, it is high time to buy Ather EVs before March 25, which can be said to be the best in EV scooters.
Ather variants
There are 3 variants available:
Ather 450X
Only features separate the two trims, which have the same appearance. The 450X has an aggressive overall style that gives it a sporty appearance. The LED headlight on the apron is housed in the fascia. The scooter's athletic vibe is further enhanced by creases and cuts to the front and rear side panels.
Battery and Performance
With a 6.2kW motor and a 3.7kWh lithium-ion battery, Ather has powered the 450X. The aforementioned configuration is responsible for the scooter's stated 105 km (Eco mode) range and top speed of 90 kmph. Furthermore, 16GB of ROM and 2GB of RAM are included with the Ather 450X Gen 3. It is available in two variants: standard and Pro Pack.
The standard model is equipped with a seven-inch TFT display featuring a grayscale dashboard in addition to a single-ride mode. The base mode requires 8 hours and 36 minutes.
The Aether 450X Pro Pack has five riding modes available: Smart Eco, Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp. Fast charging, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, guide-me-home lights, auto-off indicator, hill assist, auto-indicator, document storage, OTA (Over the Air) updates, and remote charge monitoring are additional features. The Pro Pack version requires 5 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge.
There are two varieties of the Ather 450X available. The 2.9 kWh variant costs Rs 1,25,550. The cost of the 450X with the 3.7kWh battery is Rs 1,28,671 (all ex-showroom, including government subsidies and FAME 2). 

Ather 450S
With a 5.4 kW motor and a 2.9-kWh lithium-ion battery. The 450S is capable of reaching a high speed of 90 kmph. According to Ather, When utilising the home charger, the scooter's battery can be charged in 6 hours and 36 minutes to reach 80 percent, and it takes 8 hours and 36 minutes to reach full capacity
The scooter can go from 0 to 40 kmph in 2.9 seconds. The scooter battery has a 115-km certified range. In the meantime, the scooter's stated TrueRange is 90 km in SmartEco mode, 85 km in Eco mode, 75 km in Ride mode, and 70 km in Sport mode.
Turn-by-turn guidance, theft alerts, intercity planners, ride stats savings trackers, document storage, and much more are all provided by Ather Connect via the AtherConnect App. The Ather 450S's new console has upgraded switchgear that appears more upscale than it did previously. Other features include the 22-liter underseat storage and the all-LED lighting throughout.
The ex-showroom pricing of the Ather 450S is now Rs 97,547, which includes state discounts as well as FAME 2. While the Ather Battery Protect (extended battery guarantee) is now only Rs 1, down from Rs 5,499, the Pro Pack, which was initially priced at Rs 22,210, is now only Rs 9,999
Ather 450 Apex
The brand-new limited-edition vehicle from the EV manufacturer is the Ather 450 Apex. It gets a cool paint job in Indium Blue and transparent body panels. The transparent panels allow the orange frame underneath to be seen. With the Warp+ option on the scooter, Ather can now ride faster than before. 
With a PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) motor that produces a maximum power output of 7 kW and 26 Nm, the Ather 450 Apex outperforms the 450X, which has a top power output of 6.4 kW. There are five riding modes available, one of which is Warp+.It takes roughly 5 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge a 3.7 kWh battery at home
It accelerates 0.5 seconds faster than the 450X, taking just 2.9 seconds to reach 40 kmph. 100 kmph is the stated peak speed, 10 kmph more than the 450X. It has a range of up to 110 km in Smart Eco mode and 75 km in Warp+ mode.
The lighting on the Ather 450 Apex is entirely LED. It has a 7-inch touchscreen with Google Maps preinstalled for navigation. A new Warp+ riding mode is also available. Moreover, there is a roomy 22-liter storage compartment beneath the seat of the e-scooter. 
The price of the Ather 450 Apex in India starts at Rs. 1,88,947. Ather 450 Apex is offered in 1 variant: Ather 450 Apex STD.
How does the FAME 2 subsidy benefit buying Ather EVs till March 25?
One million electric two-wheelers are intended to be supported during the FAME 2 subsidy duration. Government subsidies of Rs. 20,000 will be given to the one million registered vehicles. Similar to the previous phase of the programme, only two-wheelers with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and a range of 80 km on a single charge are qualified. The government intends to establish 2700 charging stations across the nation in addition to subsidising the acquisition. Places like hilly states, smart cities, metro stations, and even roads will be included.

So what are you waiting for? Buy Ather EV for the best price before March 25.

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