Apple taps big and small retailers to boost iPhone market share in India

Apple is making every effort to get from its current 7% market share in smartphones to a double-digit percentage as quickly as feasible in India. The manufacturer of iPhones has increased its market penetration by adding thousands of authorised resellers to its network in recent times, in addition to organised retailers like Reliance Retail and Croma.
According to retailers, Apple used to be reluctant to have its products exhibited in smaller stores, but that is no longer the case. Even for businesses operating in very modest volumes, the organisation offers assistance with financing solutions. Retailers are also receiving extra rewards, such as higher margins and freebies, for reaching sales targets.

According to Navkendar Singh, associate vice president of IDC India, "Apple has been very noticeable in the India market for the past year or so with its high decibel marketing, opening of new Apple stores, distribution expansion, and favourable channel earning structure."
Even though the bulk of iPhones made in India are exported, Apple's home market is expanding rapidly, increasing by more than 38% annually. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has called India a "very exciting market" in the past, noting the company's record revenue
Industry executives claim that Apple normally gives its premium resellers 10% margins, LFRs 8%, and other distributors 6-8%, while tiny, approved stores receive about 4-6%. Depending on the model, rival Samsung usually gives 8–10% margins, while Chinese competitors can offer up to 10%. "Apple is the North Star when it comes to second or third smartphones for the young and expanding middle class consumers in India, a country that prioritises mobile devices," stated Shah.
Analysts claim that quickly expanding coverage, creative financing options, an emphasis on experience, a rising awareness of the advantages of Apple's ecosystem across products, localised marketing initiatives, and an increase in enterprise clients are the main factors driving Apple's momentum.

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