Amazon Invests Additional Rs. 19,170 cr in AI Startup Anthropic Inc. has announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Anthropic by investing an extra Rs. 19,170 crore, finalizing a pact struck last year to support the artificial intelligence business. With this infusion, Amazon has now invested Rs. 400 crore in Anthropic, a reputable provider of AI tools that can produce text and analysis, after first making an announcement in September

Anthropic has committed to using Amazon’s specially designed computer chips and data centres run by Amazon Web Services to power a portion of its operations as part of the partnership. The San Francisco-based company Anthropic has also promised to use chips from Google, another close collaborator of Alphabet Inc.

Anthropic has partnership with several major digital businesses, such as Google, which participated in a Rs. 37,300 crore funding round led by Spark Capital in May of last year. Anthropic partners with both Google and Amazon Web Services for cloud computing. Amazon was entitled to offer the extra money as part of that agreement in the form of a convertible note, so long as it made the contribution by the end of March

Former OpenAI staff members Daniela Amodei and her brother Dario, who acts as the company’s CEO, founded Anthropic in 2021. Ever since, the business has raised billions of dollars in funding and grown to be one of OpenAI’s most competitive rivals. Businesses make up the majority of its clientele, which includes trip guide publisher Lonely Planet and search engine DuckDuckGo.
The business, which sells Claude the chatbot, has placed a strong emphasis on creating AI properly and safely. It unveiled updated software for the chatbot at the beginning of March, promising it would be more adept at following complex commands and less likely to make stuff up.

With rapid technological advancements driving an investment frenzy, Silicon Valley companies are increasingly focusing on chatbots that can simulate human speech. The use of chatbots is by no means novel. However, Claude and rival bots are powered by a more potent instrument called a big language model, which is trained on vast portions of the internet to produce content like a poem or an answer to a query. These tools are an example of generative AI, which is the application of systems that take input, like a text prompt, and utilise it to produce new material.

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