Is Force Gurkha Electric SUV coming to India?

MW Motors, a Czech startup renowned for its innovative approach to electric vehicles, has captured the spotlight once again with the grand reveal of the Spartan 2.0. This cutting-edge, all-electric SUV, born from a collaboration with Force Motors and built upon the esteemed Force Gurkha platform, marks a significant stride towards sustainable off-roading adventures.

Distinctive Features of the Spartan 2.0
In a strategic partnership with Force Motors, MW Motors has seamlessly integrated key components of the Force Gurkha, including the rugged bodyshell, robust ladder frame chassis, advanced suspension system, and essential off-road gear. While Force Motors supplies these foundational elements, MW Motors takes charge of the intricate modifications required for the electrification process. 

Electric Powertrain and Performance Prowess
At the heart of the Spartan 2.0 lies a formidable electric powertrain, propelled by a single motor that delivers an impressive 176 horsepower and an astounding 1,075Nm of torque. This formidable power output, coupled with a sophisticated transfer case, enables the Spartan 2.0 to offer manually selectable two- or four-wheel-drive modes with high and low ranges, ensuring unparalleled performance across diverse terrains. With the inclusion of manually locking differentials and hill descent control, the Spartan 2.0 guarantees a commanding presence on any off-road expedition.

Charging Efficiency and Versatility
Equipped with a high-capacity 57.4kWh battery pack, the Spartan 2.0 boasts a practical range of approximately 240km, making it well-suited for daily commutes and adventurous escapades alike. Charging the vehicle is a breeze, thanks to its rapid charging capabilities of up to 90kW, allowing for a swift 20-80 percent charge in just over half an hour. Furthermore, the Spartan 2.0 offers bi-directional charging functionality, enabling it to serve as a reliable power source for external equipment and accessories during outdoor excursions.

Interior Comfort and Commercial Viability
Step inside the Spartan 2.0, and you'll find a cabin that seamlessly blends durability with comfort and convenience. Upholstered in sturdy cloth material, the adjustable seats provide ample support for occupants during extended journeys, while features such as electric windows, air conditioning, a digital instrument display, and touchscreen infotainment ensure a pleasurable driving experience. In select European markets and the UK, the Spartan 2.0 is positioned as a commercial vehicle, featuring a two-seater configuration optimized for utility and cargo transportation.

Prospects for the Indian Market
While the introduction of a Gurkha-based EV for the Indian market remains speculative, it holds tremendous potential as a rugged and eco-friendly alternative to traditional off-road vehicles. Indian consumers eagerly anticipate the forthcoming diesel-powered, five-door variants of the Thar and Gurkha, scheduled for release by Force Motors and Mahindra, respectively, in the coming year.

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