Is TVS XL100 King of Transportation?

The TVS XL100 is a 100-cc bike that is designed to be durable and practical. It is a great option for both urban and rural settings and has the capacity to support large loads.

The classic moped appearance of the XL100 has endured over time, and its design has not changed. While the Comfort model has a more urban-esque style with a dual-tone single seat, the Heavy Duty variants have a more rough appearance with a divided seat and fork gaiters. The otherwise antiquated moped is given a slightly more contemporary look by an LED DRL.

A 99.7-cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine producing 6.5 Nm at 3500 rpm and 4.3 PS at 6000 rpm powers the XL100. The XL100 capacity to transport loads was what initially cemented it as an iconic vehicle.

TVS never intended for the XL 100 to be used for fast highway driving. Although there is room for improvement in the brakes, the suspension is incredibly smooth when driving and easily adjusts to bumps and potholes.

The XL100 is as basic as they get with no fancy features, which also helps to keep the price point reasonable. The moped does come equipped with a USB charging connector, an engine shutdown button, and a silent start system. An odometer reading and an analogue speedometer are included with the instrument cluster. The reserve indicator is all that riders have to rely on because it lacks a petrolgauge.

Suspension and Brakes
Telescopic forks and twin rear shock absorbers are two of the TVS XL100 characteristics. Both the front and rear 110mm drum brakes, which come standard with the Combined Braking System (CBS), are in charge of providing braking power. The motorcycle is propelled by 16-inch spoke wheels that are encircled by tube tyres.

There are two Comfort and four Heavy-Duty models with standard paint jobs for the XL100. Crash guards and chromed silencers are features shared by the Comfort iTouchstart and Win Editions. The latter is available in two distinct colours, Delight Blue and Brown. Additionally, Cool Mint Blue and Mineral Purple are special hues for the Comfort and Heavy-Duty iTouchstart models, respectively.

  • Outstanding fuel economy. 
  • Inexpensive to upkeep. 
  • Exceptional capacity to bear loads. 
  • Could be equipped with improved brakes. 
  • Is not heavy. 

The base Comfort and Heavy Duty models cost Rs 46,671 and Rs 44,999, respectively. Heavy-duty i-Touchstart, i-Touchstart Special edition, and i-Touchstart Win edition is priced at Rs 56,935, Rs 49,249, and Rs 59,437. The most expensive model, the Comfort i-Touchstart, costs Rs. 59,695.

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