Is Suzuki Burgman aggressive sports scooter?

The Suzuki Burgman is a range of maxi-scooters produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation. These scooters are well-known for having roomy, comfy designs that make them perfect for lengthy journeys and city commuting. Strong engines and cutting-edge suspension technologies give the Burgman scooters a stable and comfortable ride.

The Burgman EX is designed in the same way as the regular model. The prominent side panels, transparent visor, big LED headlamp unit built into the front apron with turn indicators, and general style all stay the same. The two-tone Metallic Royal Bronze paint job looks great with this scooter's sufficient apparent mass. The bronze-finished alloys and the interior apron also contribute to the Burgman Street EX's overall attractiveness.

The switch cubes have a comforting click, and the paint and plastic quality also appear to be average in most areas. All of the buttons are conveniently located below your reach when riding, and the switch location is actually rather accurate.

The 124cc engine of the Suzuki Burgman produces 10.Nm at 7000 rpm and 8.7 PS at 6750 rpm. The EX-variant’s motor generates 8.6 horsepower. With no evidence of struggle, the engine can crawl at up to 10 kmph, even in slow-moving traffic.

The Suzuki Burgman Street EX's mileage of 58.57 km/l indicates how economical the engine is. It was driven in the city and on the highway in a variety of traffic situations. When combined with its 5.5-liter fuel tank, the afore mentioned mileage may yield a total range of about 322 kmpl. 

The Burgman is equipped with an automated start/stop system. It enables the scooter to start without making noise from the starter motor and turns off on its own when it idles or comes to a stop for a short while. You only need to twist the throttle to restart the engine and turn the motor back on. In addition, this is one of the few scooter start/stop systems that operate smoothly that we have found thus far.

Other features
Additionally, Suzuki added LED lighting, an LCD, a side stand interlock, and a USB charging connector to the Burgman. Along with an odometer, fuel-level readout, trip metres, speedometer, and smartphone-connected turn-by-turn navigation, it has all of these features. The left cubby holder has enough space to carry a large phone and has a USB charging outlet within.

It uses a hydraulic monoshock in the back and telescopic suspension up front. A drum brake at the back and a disc brake up front control the braking system. The Combined Braking System (CBS) is included by default.

  • The well-tuned 125-cc engine provides strong performance.
  • The massive maxi-scooter design.
  • Includes an instrument console that is entirely digital.
  • Perhaps uncomfortable for taller riders.
  • A little 10-inch wheel is located in the rear.

Price and Variants
In India, the Suzuki Burgman Street is priced between Rs. 94,000 and Rs. 1,14,200. There are three different versions of the Suzuki Burgman Street: the Suzuki Burgman Street STD 2024, the Suzuki Burgman Street Ride Connect Edition 2024, and the Suzuki Burgman Street EX. The most expensive model, the Suzuki Burgman Street EX, costs Rs. 1,14,200

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