Is Jawa 42 Bobber highly designed Legendary Bike?

The Jawa 42 Bobber single-seat motorcycle is renowned for both its powerful motor and attractive styling. Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles unveiled their 42 Bobber update. There have been a few mechanical updates to it. It also comes with a stylish instrument cluster that shows a tonne of ride data. The bike isn't as refined as it could be overall, and it has a stiff riding quality.
Although the new 42 Bobber appears to be similar to the Perak at first glance, it has a different design. For instance, the 42 Bobber's headlight is smaller than the Perak's since it is an LED unit rather than halogen lighting. The cockpit has been updated with new switchgear taken from Yezdi motorcycles, a fully digital display, and two USB chargers (type A and type C). The revised fuel tank design, which replaces the Perak's teardrop shape with knee recesses and tank pads, comes after the updated cockpit. Compared to the Perak, this gives the rider more efficient control over the motorcycle.
Whats new
Jawa has increased the NVH levels of the 42 Bobber by making changes to its throttle body and exhaust ports. This has been done in an effort to maintain emission regulations while enhancing the Bobber's performance. The new saddle's two-step adjustment for improved ergonomics raises the comfort level even further. In the meantime, the taillight is now on the back fender instead of under the seat.
Engine and Gearbox
A 225cc single-cylinder, BS6 liquid-cooled engine producing 19.93 Nm of peak torque at 3,750 rpm and 20.1 horsepower at 7,750 rpm powers the 42 Bobber. There is a five-speed gearbox connected to the engine. The hardware includes a monoshock with a seven-step preload adjustment and upside-down front forks.
It functions flawlessly above 3,000 rpm, but it begins to gradually increase power above 4,000 rpm at a reasonable rate in the mid- and high-rev range until the redline of 9,000 rpm. The 42 Bobber cruises at 80 mph at 5,000 revs in sixth gear, and it reaches 100 mph at nearly 6,000 revs with roughly 3,000 revs remaining. At lower speeds, say between 30 and 40 kmph, the suspension feels good.
The Jawa 42 Bobber is equipped with LED lighting and a fully digital instrument console that includes a fuel level readout, side stand engine cut-off, trip metre, tachometre, and odometre, among other features. ABS is also included for increased safety. Among the better units is the headlamp. While the high beam packs a remarkable throw and lights the roadways in complete darkness, the low beam has a fair spread. Then, even during the day, it is simple to read the LCD console in reverse. Toggling the information on the display is made easier by the switchgear. 
Jawa 42 Bobber has four colours: 42 Bobber Mystic Copper, 42 Bobber Moonstone White, 42 Bobber Jasper Red, and 42 Bobber Black Mirror.
It appears extremely cool.
Obtains a powerful engine.
High recall of the brand.
Receives a single seat.
rigid riding experience.
Refinement levels should be raised overall. 
Jawa 42 Bobber costs Rs. 2,27,461 lakh for the 42 Bobber Mystic Copper. The remaining three variants, 42 Bobber Moonstone White, 42 Bobber Jasper Red, and 42 Bobber Black Mirror, cost Rs. 2,27,461 lakh, Rs. 2,27,462 lakh, and Rs. 2,27,469 lakh, respectively. The 42 Bobber prices listed are ex-showroom.

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