How to Apply for a Driving License in Delhi. (Online/Offline)

Having a valid driving licence (DL) is a requirement for anyone wishing to drive a motor vehicle. Thus, it's necessary to understand the steps involved in obtaining a driving licence in Delhi. You will discover the steps involved in DL application, both online and offline, in this article. 
Types of Driving Licence issued in delhi.
The Delhi RTO issues driving licences in five main categories.
  1. Driving Licence for Two-Wheelers Without Gears. For eg - mopeds and scooters without gears.
  2. Driving Licence for Two-Wheelers with Gears. For eg - bikes, scooters, etc. (with gears) 
  3. Private light motor driving licence. For eg - automobiles, including SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks.
  4. Driving Licence for Commercial Vehicles. For eg - trucks, vans, and commercial buses, etc.
  5. Driving Licence for Other Categories. For eg - vehicles carrying hazardous goods, etc. 

Steps to get driving license online in delhi. 
Step 1: Go to the official Delhi RTO website, then select "Driving Licence Related Services" to open the Sarathi portal.

Step 2: Click the "Apply for Learner's Licence" option after selecting "Delhi" from the list of states.

Step 3: To schedule a test time, complete the application, attach supporting documentation, and pay the required amount.

Step 4: To obtain your Learner's Licence (LL), take the exam on the designated date.

Step 5: At this point, go back to the Sarathi platform, select "Apply for DL," and send in your DL application using the "Holding Learner's Licence" option.

Step 6: After 30 days, select a time slot that works best for the driving test that will be held at the RTO.

Step 7: Get the confirmation slip and pay the online DL issuance fees.

Step 8: On the appointed day, go to the chosen Delhi RTO to take your driving test.

When an RTO official is satisfied with your performance, they will keep an eye on your test and take your biometric data. You will then receive your driver's licence by post at your home address.

Steps to get driving license offline in Delhi. 
Step 1: Fill out Form 2 for LL by obtaining it from the closest RTO or downloading it from the Parivahan website.

Step 2: Go to the RTO to pick up your application ID and a time slot for the LL test. Bring the necessary paperwork with you.

Step 3: When you show up for the preliminary test, your application ID will be needed.

Step 4: You can get your learning licence instantly if you pass the exam.

Step 5: After a month, you will be asked to select the time for your driving test.

Step 6: Get your receipt after paying the licence fees.

Step 7: Attend the driving test at the RTO on the day and time agreed upon.

After receiving your biometric data, the RTO staff will issue a permanent driver's licence (DL), which will be posted to you in a few days.

This page's content has been compiled from various official websites and government resources. Updates to the information might occur occasionally. Thus, before making any decisions regarding DL, please visit the relevant government websites and make your decision.

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