Audi S6 Widebody Camouflaged: Could It Be an RS7 2025 Test Mule?

These days, a lot is going on at Audi. The automaker is constantly pushing towards electrification, and renaming some well-known models is a step in that process. It's unclear if that's the case in this instance, so this could be a seriously tuned Audi S6 sedan. But according to us, this is actually a test mule for the upcoming RS7, which may just be an S6 with a new name. Yes, it is mysterious.

The camouflaged car here is obviously a sedan with a noticeable (albeit small) trunk, despite the fact that the current RS7 Sportback is only available as a liftback. It has a different exhaust system at the back with dual pipes positioned closer to the centre of the vehicle, and it is wider than a standard S6. Though we won't refer to it as a center-exit exhaust, the arrangement is unquestionably sportier than stock.

The rear fascia retains the rectangular trim at the corners, giving the impression that it is from the standard A6. In the meantime, the aggressive RS6 Avant waggon fascia is visible up front. When you take into account the wide fenders and side sills, this camouflaged sedan begins to make more sense as a test mule that is making use of various parts from other vehicles rather than an in-development prototype model.

The current Audi A4 will eventually become the A5, and the A6 will eventually become the A7. Of course, there is already the A7, but is it possible for the extremely fast RS7 to stop being a sportback and switch to a sedan instead? Or would it be offered as a sedan and a sportback? 

Although there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding this, we can see that this camouflaged car has markings on the outside that identify it as a plug-in hybrid. Additionally, a visible charging port indicates that the upcoming RS7 will have an electrified drivetrain.

A hybrid version should provide even more power to the current RS7, which is already a beast with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 producing 621 horsepower. We won't know for sure for a while, probably not until sometime in the up coming year as a 2025 model.

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