Only Dubai Police has such a dangerous patrolling car in the world !

The Dubai Police Force uses the Ghiath vehicle as one of its patrol cars. This car is fitted with a series of technologies to enhance safety, security and efficiency while patrolling the streets. It has night-vision cameras, sensors and thermal imaging to detect suspicious activity, facial recognition systems to identify individuals, and powerful communication systems linking to police headquarters.
Additionally, the vehicle features a variety of features, including GPS navigation and automatic fire and smoke detection. These features make the Ghiath car a powerful tool for Dubai Police. The Dubai Police have implemented the use of Ghiath cars.
It is an armored SUV with a top speed of 220 km/h. The Ghiath vehicle is equipped with a six-cylinder engine and can cover up to 800 kilometers on one full tank of gas. It also features a sophisticated onboard computer system with a mobile network for secure communication and a siren. The onboard system also enables the driver to monitor the vehicle's speed, location, and fuel consumption. The Ghiath car is utilized by the police for surveillance and response to emergencies, and its speed and power enable it to swiftly respond to any situation.
The cameras are designed to detect and identify vehicle license plates, allowing police to monitor traffic more efficiently. The cameras come equipped with facial recognition and facial comparison analytics, enabling police to accurately identify those committing traffic violations.
The cameras also have night vision and 3D laser mapping capabilities, allowing for the capturing of all vehicle movement within their specified area. Dubai Police are using this technology to improve their security measures and protect their citizens.
The Ghiath Car Front Light is a miniaturized camera mounted in the front of a police car that takes two-hundred eighty eight images per second and records audio. This technology helps police officers detect and prevent crime at night much easier, as well as alerts them to potential dangerous situations.
The car’s headlights also integrate a number of other features, including license plate and facial recognition, as well as tracking approaches, giving police more information and a better chance of catching criminals in the act.
The interior was designed around the comfort and needs of police officers. The Ghiath Smart Patrol features a custom-built rear bench, protective cage, specially designed compartment in the boot to store rescue and safety equipment as well as a custom-built drone box with an advanced drone on board.
The Dubai Police Ghiath car is equipped with an interior switch button. This button is situated in the center console and can be used to switch between the car’s two modes: Patrol and Stealth. The Patrol mode provides visual presence to discourage crime and can be activated by activating the switch.

Stealth mode provides an inconspicuous presence with no visual or audible signs of the car’s presence. This mode is activated by pressing and holding the switch for an extended period of time. The Ghiath switch not only provides a covert surveillance option, but it also helps conserve fuel and enhances the vehicle’s maneuverability as it is designed to move more smoothly and stealthily.

The Ghiath Smart Patrol integrates highly advanced technologies including emergency lights, 360-degree deployable periscope camera, 8 exterior surveillance cameras and a facial and license plate recognition system. The integrated 16-inch screen and a powerful onboard computer are linked to the main control center that connects with the dispatcher and syncs with the passenger display. A driver behavior camera monitors the officer while the in-cabin monitoring is equipped for front ADAS.

The interior was designed around the comfort and needs of police officers. The Ghiath Smart Patrol features a custom-built rear bench, protective cage, specially designed compartment in the boot to store rescue and safety equipment as well as a custom-built drone box with an advanced drone on board.
The car rim was designed to help detect explosives, radiation, and other threats. The rim uses advanced sensors to detect any dangerous items in the vehicle's vicinity. This makes it easier for the Dubai Police to identify potential threats and take action to protect the public. The Ghiath car rim is just another example of how Dubai Police are leading the way when it comes to public safety.
The Ghiath car tyre technology, a tyre developed to increase the safety of drivers and occupants. The Ghiath is a high-performance tyre that features advanced technology to improve the vehicle’s braking, steering, and stability in both wet and dry conditions. The tyre also has a self-repairing system that quickly fills in any puncture holes and improves the overall life of the tyre.
In addition, the Ghiath tyre also supports an integrated monitoring system that gathers data on tyre temperature, pressure, wear and tear, and other variables to help drivers have a better understanding of their vehicle’s performance. By making use of the Ghiath tyre, Dubai police hope to make their citizens’ drives safer and more secure.

The car engine is powered by a 3-liter petrol turbo engine that is developed and produced by Japanese car maker Isuzu. Its power output is rated at 246 hp (180 kW) and 500 Nm of torque, making the vehicle powerful enough to handle the city's traffic conditions. Dubai police equipped the Ghiath car with a range of upgrades and features such as an advanced brake system, an eco-level system and an adaptive cruise control system. Furthermore, the car has an automatic transmission system with eight-speed shift control, providing drivers with a smoother and more comfortable ride.

he Ghiath Car Top View Camera System is capable of providing a 360-degree live-streaming video of the street by connecting to a system server. The system is designed to detect suspicious activities, alert officers and enable them to respond quickly to any potential security threats. It is expected that the efficient operations will help reduce the response time to emergencies and maintain safety and security in the city.

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