Matter e bike concept-UT price in your city?

The Concept-UT shown at Auto Expo 2023, features removable battery packs .Matter Concept UT gets a top box .This concept is based on the unique design concept, has very angular styling, and also gets removable battery packs.
Details are scarce on the Matter Energy concepts but what is apparent is that both share similar architecture and styling cues.

The Concept-UT appears to be an electrified attempt at a super moto, which should prove fun considering the instant power delivery of an electric motor .The Concept-UT appears to be Matter’s first stab at an adventure tourer, with dual-purpose tires, saddle stays, knuckle guards, a small front visor and It also gets rather staid colors, with neon yellow and white highlights over its largely black bodywork.   

Very unique design .It gets a near-flat seat with only a slight step toward the rear. The swing arm is a rather unconventional trellis unit, although the telescopic fork and mono shock set-up is fairly common.

As of now, there’s no information on the exact launch timeline of the production version of these concepts. We expect Matter to introduce them sometime next year. 

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