Beechcraft b300 Is king of aircraft or its a super aircraft?

The Beechcraft Model B300 is a twin-engine turboprop corporate travel and utility aircraft with retractable landing gear and a pressurized cabin. With an ability to comfortably accommodate 6 passengers in luxurious conditions, the B300 is complete with amenities such as fold out tables allowing you to continue your day whilst on route to your destination.

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As well as providing a comfortable, luxurious way of travel, the B300 provides the high performance and flight characteristics required to address the unique challenges of special mission operations. Making it a competitive winner.

The Beechcraft is part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft produced by Beechcraft. The Super King Air family has been in continuous production since 1974, the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft in its class. It has outlasted all of its previous competitors, and as of 2009, the only other aircraft in its class is the Piaggio Avanti. The King Air 300 first flew in 1983 and began delivery the next year.

The King Air 300 was developed by straightening the edges and redesigning the cowling of the Model 200 airframe. Pratt and Whitney PT6A-60A engines were added for improved performance and power. As a result of this engine upgrade, maximum takeoff weight increased to 14,000 pounds, range extended to 1,500 miles, and maximum cruise speed increased to 320 knots.
Production of the King Air 300 ended in 1994, with a total of 205 aircraft built. 197 of these remain in operation today in countries including Australia, Germany, and Hong Kong.

A military variant was developed for the Swiss Air Force, the Model B300C, which was equipped with a modified belly to allow for aerial photography.
Technical Specifications.

Technical Specifications


Exterior Height: 14 ft 4 in

Wing Span: 54 ft 6 in

Length: 43 ft 10 in


Cabin Height: 4 ft 10 In

Cabin Width: 4 ft 6 In

Cabin Length: 16 ft 8 In

Cabin Volume: 303 cu ft

Door Height: 4 ft 3 In

Door Width: 2 ft 3 In

Internal Baggage: 54 cu ft


Crew: 2

Passengers: 6

Operating Weights

Max T/O Weight: 14000 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 14000 Lb

Operating Weight: 8930 Lb

Empty Weight: 8488 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 3611 lbs Lb

Payload W/Full Fuel: 1559 Lb

Max Payload: 2570 Lb


Normal Range: 1480 nm

Max Range: 1570 nm

Service Ceiling: 35000 ft


Balanced Field Length: 3950 ft

Landing Distance: 4133 ft


Rate of Climb: 2844 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inop: 867 fpm

Max Speed: 320 kts

Normal Cruise: 312 kts

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