What vehicle does Santa Claus drive?

The sleigh has been Santa Claus' mainstay vehicle for transport on Christmas eve with the reindeer pack pulling him and the red bag of gifts. Sure, the sleigh works well as he takes of from the North Pole, but in recent times cars have turned out to be bigger, friendlier and faster options.
It's the most wonderful time of the year !‘Santa Claus’ is such a word that literally brings a smile to our face instantly. Children wait for Christmas because it is the festival on which Santa Claus comes and gives them many gifts. Though the character of Santa Claus is played by some local people who want to make children happy, the character of Santa Claus is not imaginary but has originated from a real character. It was a bishop of the Church who later became Santa Claus.

Christmas is celebrated with great fun and joy throughout the world. The preparations begin days before the festival. In western countries, people decorate their houses, gardens, and entrances with lights, flowers and other decorative items. They also shop for a Christmas tree; this is an important part of the celebration .But they never know Santa is coming around.

On this Christmas Santa waits For You With his red car. Santa`s Reindeers also come for you.

Merry Chrismas To all of you.

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