Ford unveils boost-ready, 640hp Megazilla V8

Ford Performance has just pulled the covers off the latest evolution of its instant-classic Godzilla crate engine, with a new built-for-boost version dubbed Megazilla appearing at this weekend’s PRI Trade Show.

Still displacing 7.3 litres, the Megazilla features forged Mahle pistons and Callies H-beam rods hooked to a steel crank, with CNC-machined heads up top for 10.5:1. Ford Muscle also reports that two cam profiles will be available, with one designed for maximum bottom-end torque, and another to wring out maximum horsepower at higher RPMs on the racetrack.

Power figures come in at 615hp, with a peak torque figure of 640ft/lbs at 3800rpm. That’s a considerable bump from the existing Godzilla’s quoted 430hp and 475ft/lbs figures, with the added bonus of being boost-ready straight out of the box. A revised, lower-profile intake manifold and 92mm GT500-spec throttlebody round out the package.

The Megazilla has been on the radar for a while, with Ford trademarking the name in September 2022, though the company has been discussing a beefed-up version of the Godzilla since late 2020

Engine builders, including Frank Marchese at Dandy Engines, have been boosting the Godzilla for some time now, probing what can and can’t be achieved with the standard bottom end and a Harrop TVS2650 blower up top. The Dandy test mule spat out a huge 1300hp with fresh rods and pistons, which spells good news for prospective Megazilla buyers keen to add forced induction.

Pricing, release dates and local availability are yet to be confirmed, so watch this space!

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