What is special about a Bentley Continental GT? is it Bumblebee car?

This car is for those who fans of Bumblebee from Transformers. At the same time, you have to like driving a vehicle that is, in a way, overdone beyond recognition. And the new Mansory Bentley Continental GTC is definitely such a vehicle. No trace of noble restraint. which was then based on a Continental GT Speed. One of the first colored "customized special models“ by Mansory.

The new interpretation is based on the current Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet. The vehicle has significantly more power and everything looks different too. it is unique with a two-tone paint finish, with black and yellow as the central motif. To a certain extent, the two-tone body divides the Continental GTC into two parts, with the yellow part extending beyond the middle and thus dominating the two-tone paint finish.

But the percentage of the color black is in front with regard to the rims. Because 99% of them are painted black. Unthinkable if the passenger side had received bright yellow rims. The set of Mansory wheels is still with one hub cover equipped with a yellow accent and of course Mansory has also equipped the opulent roadster with its own body kit, which is of course made of carbon fiber

This includes a Front spoiler, changed apertures in the apron, another radiator grill, a new bonnet, side skirts, Sprouting, rear spoiler and a diffuser. In addition, there are a few smaller details like these

Mirror covers. And the color combination continues in the interior as well. 

Chip tuning, changed turbocharger, another Exhaust System and possibly one Sport lift filter be reach The way in which the performance of the Mansory is increased is not mentioned, but one can assume that the mentioned 755 PS & 1.020 Newton meters of torque are used . 

The top speed is specified as around 332 km/h, with the roadster being able to accelerate to
100 km/h in 3,3 seconds. speed and the car is a nice combination too.
The colors of the seats are completely different (black & yellow) and more or less nothing seems to match. But at the same time, for an unknown reason, it fits
The center console is also adorned with a Mansory sign with the inscription "One of One" and even the footwell is completely leather-covered. which will very nice to see and as wel as feel.

This car in itself has a cool and beautiful masterpiece; its color only differentiates it from the rest of the vehicles.


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